Relaxing Drywall Designs Ideas For Living Room44
Relaxing Drywall Designs Ideas For Living Room44

44 Relaxing Drywall Designs Ideas For Living Room

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This simple to create drywall texture is commonly installed on a ceiling, but can be created on walls just as easily. A mix of medium slurried joint compound is mixed into a bucket with a bit of warm water. Stir the mix in a plastic bucket using a drill with a paddle mixing bit attachment. Mix the ingredients until a toothpaste like consistency is reached.

Now a stomp brush is attached to a telescoping pole. The bucket of mixed joint compound is spread evenly into a paint tray. Next, the stomper brush is mushed into the joint compound and immediately slapped onto the ceiling or wall. A simple twist or turn adds the swirling effect that is prevalent in this design. One or two dots can be set before the stomp brush must be loaded again. This design is perfect for covering up old popcorn ceilings in bathrooms, bedrooms and living designs.

Knock Down Lace

This unique but messy drywall pattern can be created using an air compressor and hopper gun. By mixing a wet mix of joint compound slurry the consistency of runny eggs, it can be atomized using compressed air to create a variety of patterns from orange peel to heavy lace. The tighter the nozzle is turned, the finer the spray is that comes out of the hopper, making this a great choice for living room and den designs.

Fill the hopper with mix and spray a test sheet of drywall outside in the yard. Adjust the nozzle until the required spray pattern has been achieved on the test sheet. Once your confident of the pattern, spray the already taped off and drop cloth covered areas wall and ceilings using the same motion as you would use to spray paint from a can.

Once the joint compound has been allowed to set for a few minutes, a knockdown effect is required. This is achieved by using a large drywall knife to “knockdown” any ridges and smoothen dips, creating a lacy like design instantly in kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom designs alike.


This old world Italian look is easy to create using a bucket of stiff joint compound. Simply spread out the materials using a stucco trowel. By letting your wrist go limp and allowing the joint compound to do the work, a rippled stucco effect is created. With enough practice, you can easily create a simple and cheap pattern fit for any old world bathroom, den or living room designs.