Comfy Wooden Tiles Design Ideas For Living Room37
Comfy Wooden Tiles Design Ideas For Living Room37

48 Comfy Wooden Tiles Design Ideas For Living Room

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Artificial materials, elements, mediums have swept across most of the human lives. The synthetic compounds and materials have made themselves highly desirous and the way these products are marketed, not many questions deserved to be asked around them. There is one element though that the fabricated materials could never be able to replace, the delightful natural feel and experience that can strike the perfect cord with human heart and soul.

Since times unknown, wood has been the most preferred material for aesthetic feel. Pick up any musical instrument, and invariably there was a contribution of wood in it. The reason is simple; wood makes a resonating sound that just clicks. The best of synthetic materials and artificial technologies cannot compete with the authenticity of the wooden class. Imagine an Astroturf for tap dancing you’d know exactly what we are referring to, won’t you?

Wooden tiles are making some strong inroads into the traditionally ‘stone-oriented’ tile industry. The authenticity of the material and the unparallel aesthetic appeal makes wood an ideal choice for the floor tiles. Scientifically, wood is the best material that keeps the room temperature at most natural levels. Furthermore, a pleasing gradient and flavour added by wood is unparallel in modern era.

Imagine a chilly winter morning. You get up from your bed and step bare footed on your ceramic tile. The chilly sensation reaches your spine in no time and you realize the floor speaks volumes about the temperature outside. An extrapolation in most senses as the ceramic loses its warmth too quickly and takes ages to gain it back, till the earth sheds it back. Wood, on the other hand retains the warmth and does not get as cold as any other medium.

Wood is a natural acoustic material. The acoustic quotient being lower means that any item falling on wood makes lesser sound as compared to any other medium. So, unlike on a ceramic tile, a soft element falling on wood will not make a clamour. The item would bounce as wood is a soft landing. The sound in a wooden room would definitely echo in a pleasant way.

Adding to the charm and royal finesse to the room comes naturally to a wooden tile. A premium feel unique to wood seldom disappoints the owner. Also, certain rooms are ideal for wooden pattern. The kids room, kitchen, living room and (if you have a dedicated) music room would be the ideal targets for wooden tiles. The decoration and illumination of the room with bright lights lit in the backdrop of dark colored wooden tiles is a treat for eyes.

Wooden tiles too come with their share of shortcomings unique to them. For starters, the owner has to take adequate care to select the ideal variety of wood for the flooring. Oak, team, pine, etc. has their own pros and cons that deserve due weightage based on the preference. Cleaning a wooden floor is not the easiest tasks, plus the risk of water dripping through and causing serious damage to the floor is an eminent. The amount of effort involved in maintenance of wooden is quite high, although the returns are attractive and worth the investment.

There has been a visible shift in the pattern of preferences for living standards in modern era. The cyclic nature of human psychology is taking the preferences back to the good old era when artistic flavours were the preferred avenues for human beings. Wooden tiles is just one channel that connects us with that ever eluding natural touch.