Relaxing Modern Office Space Design Ideas14
Relaxing Modern Office Space Design Ideas14

42 Relaxing Modern Office Space Design Ideas

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The rise in home working, increased use of the Internet, and advances in affordable and widely available technology for businesses of all kinds have all been contributing factors to the blurring of the definition of what is an ‘office’. For the purposes of this article however the ‘office’ referred to is not a home office, but rather one similar those found in purpose built office buildings, mainly service-based, and where there are likely to be a number of staff inhabiting the office space on a daily basis.


All office spaces obviously need to conform to basic standards of health and safety. In addition to this, office spaces should be compatible with the daily needs of the business and its stakeholders. For example, these considerations could include:
The right size / capacity, and potential for growth and expansion
Compatibility with business processes
Compatibility with the brand an image, values and mission
Easy access to the right types of communications networks, and distribution networks (if necessary).
The right proximity to labour and customers (if necessary)
The right physical environment

The Physical Environment

The right physical environment for staff (customers and visitors) can make a very positive difference to the operation of a business, particularly in terms of morale, motivation, and compatibility with the tasks at hand.

The Contribution of Office Partitions

Office Partitions can play many important roles in creating the right type of office environment. Office partitions can be a relatively lower cost and lower impact way to create the right office interiors and ambience. Partitions can be permanent or temporary. They can take any form from a simple ‘barrier’ or architectural glass art screen, right up to fully formed offices and corridors with doors and windows. Thy can be made from large variety and combination of materials from pure glass with glass doors, to laminated panels and partially glazed areas.

They can be constructed from the most modern materials, in a wide variety colours and finishes which are compatible with the image, brand, and prevalent design scheme of the business / organisation. They can offer anything between total privacy to literally total transparency, and they can be sliding, folding, or fixed in place. The point is that that office partitions can provide the way to create a space or specific spaces within an office which closely match the needs of the business and its daily tasks, and the important ‘soft’ and human factors of the business such as communication, motivation and morale.