Elegant Open Ceiling Office Design Ideas40
Elegant Open Ceiling Office Design Ideas40

40 Elegant Open Ceiling Office Design Ideas

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So you’ve decided to install suspended ceilings in your office. Having learned about all of the amazing advantages it can provide, such as greater optimisation of natural light, provision of thermal insulation, concealing of unsightly wiring and pipes and keeping your workspace quiet, it’s time to choose the most appropriate tile type for your particular requirements.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing tiles for your ceiling. These days, tiles are made from a large range of materials and are available in diverse colours and textures, from off-white to bright colours, pastels and reflective materials, to smooth, stucco, metal and woodgrain, not to mention tiles specially produced with different acoustic qualities. With this abundance of variety, making the right choice can be daunting.

The best way to go about choosing tiles for your ceiling is to decide how you want them to work for you. Each tile is produced with specific qualities to enhance different aspects of the office environment, so once you’re clear about your goals in using the attributes of the ceiling to your advantage, the selection of the right tile should become much easier.

For example, if you are interested in diffusing the glare of the lighting in your office space, you may wish to consider a tile that is produced with a ‘cracked glass’ style texture to lend a softer glow to surfaces. In contrast, if you want to optimise your use of natural light in the office space, you should choose tiles that are smooth and bright white, rather than off-white or coloured, as they will more effectively reflect light further into the office space.

If your aim in installing a suspended ceiling is to increase ventilation, you should choose a light, streamlined style such as egg crate louver tiles which not only increase lighting efficiency, but also feature an open cell design that allows for free air circulation. Or, perhaps you want to give your suspended ceiling a dynamic three-dimensional appearance? This could be achieved using lightweight drop-in T-bar tiles that have been embossed to create three-dimensional effects.

With all the different varieties of tile that are available, from lacquer, satin, matte, brushed suede and translucent, to perforated, recycled and acoustic, you can also become creative in your selection of materials for your suspended ceilings to create an artistic mosaic style of design or alternate illuminated with non-illuminated tiles, for example.

As with any office refurbishment, once you have decided on the effect you want your suspended ceiling tiles to achieve, nothing will compare to consulting with a professional in suspended ceilings to make sure that your needs and objectives are met and that you make the right choice from the wonderful array of tile products available today.