Stunning French Dining Room Design Ideas29
Stunning French Dining Room Design Ideas29

35 Stunning French Dining Room Design Ideas

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Two words which identify the beauty of French furniture are stylish and graceful. When you see French furniture in a home, you are directly walking into stylish and sumptuous illusions. It definitely stands out in a class of their own and those with no concept will be surprised and wowed at the same time.

A smart but soft look soon draws many fans and keeps them. Gold trimmings and charming wood that has been carefully crafted all combine to give off the overall illusion of royalty. Colours are ordinarily a beautiful cream and white with matching curving contours. French furniture will make your living or dining room feel rich and marvelous to relax in.

To acquire an understanding of French furniture, we have to step back in time to the stage of Louis XIV. He courted a lucky stage for French art and literature. By using a French theme throughout your home it will spring you back in time to the days of the man known as the Sun King. He was also remembered in the seventeenth century for his extravagant self-indulgence and partaking in life’s pleasures.

The style of fabric used in French furniture is also keeping in with its part. Chair seats can be upholstered using cream and gold brocade incorporated with gorgeous tassels. The tassels placed on every corner are a distinctive characteristic. This ingenious design is also repeated on sofas and chaise longues, tailor-made soft furnishings.

Dining rooms can come to life with a French dining set and chairs. It will make you feel like you are sitting down to eat with the royal family. To complete the aura of the whole room, you would need to team it with an open fireplace, large mirror and gleaming chandelier.

Why not repeat this luxurious style in your living room too? Take a look around your living room now and imagine the monotonous, bland sofa replaced with an elegant chaise longue. The TV can be enclosed in a Loire console that opens up when it wants to be watched.There is of course, the bedroom. Picture a big dressing table with matching padded stool.

French wardrobes also make a terrific acquisition, standing on shaped feet (like little paws) and refined legs. They come in untainted white, silver or gold and have complex handles that will make your bedroom feel like a French boudoir.Feeling a sense of inspiration, why not spruce up your bathroom? Around the basin incorporate a vanity stand with hanging racks to create that French experience. It may resemble a Renaissance rebirth.

No matter which room French furniture is placed in, it will remind you of grandeur and make you feel like royalty. It will make you feel like a prince or princess every time you walk into the room, what a sight to behold. Take a look at our site to find some great bargains and fantastic pieces.