Beautiful And Cute Pillow Designs Ideas For Kids Room34
Beautiful And Cute Pillow Designs Ideas For Kids Room34

40 Beautiful And Cute Pillow Designs Ideas For Kids Room

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When it comes to decorating kids rooms, one of the most important things to do is keep it simple. And always be sure to see what they want. They may be young, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have suggestions and ideas about how their bedroom should be decorated.

One of the most common ways of decorating kids rooms is to get a pre-designed collection of their favorite princess or super hero: bed spread, sheets, pillow cases, curtains, lamp shades. We’ve all see the cookie cutter kid decor, but there are many other creative, inexpensive, do-it-yourself ways to jazz up a child’s bedroom without spending a fortune on someone else’s idea of a decorating style.

When decorating kids rooms, focus on one main theme without being too general or too specific. As long as the room’s basic decor stays relatively generic, the room can grow and change with the child. Certain decorations may be outgrown and replaced along the way, but you won’t have to overhaul the whole room every time a new favorite movie character comes into the picture.

Always be practical with kid’s decor, and decorate with things that will help keep the room clean and organized. Be sure to create sufficient storage space to make clean up time quick and easy. Bins and shelves are great for keeping books, games, puzzles and items your child uses on a regular basis. Stickers or decals are an attractive way to touch on the decorative theme – on the walls, on bookshelves, even on dressers. They can easily be removed or painted over when the fad passes.

Sheets are another multi-tasking tool that works wonders in a child’s room. Of course, you can put them on the bed, but there are a number of creative uses for sheets that have nothing to do with sleeping. They make great curtains – just cut the side edges along the top or bottom hem and slip them on a curtain rod. Sewn together, two sheets can make a super easy duvet cover.

Cut them up, and they become table covers for night stands or banners for the walls. Sheets can be used to make a pile of decorative pillows to brighten up the bed. Use your imagination, and let the kids get involved. You may be surprised at the fun and ingenuity.

Throw rugs bring in color and can be switched out easily and at little cost. They also do a great job of protecting the floor from damage, crumbs and kiddie messes. Lighting can also play a role in the decor of kids rooms. A bit of spray paint on an old shade or lamp base can make a big difference, and it’s easy for the child to help with a simple project like this.

Decorating a kids room doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. All you need is a bit of imagination and a childlike spirit.