Elegant Scandinavian Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces06
Elegant Scandinavian Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces06

35 Elegant Scandinavian Interior Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

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During the past decades, home values declining, partly due to the increased cost of construction materials and smaller lots. Newer homes, if not custom built, sports, smaller rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The average square meter of a house has fallen, so the bedroom 3 could be only 10 square meters. This means we must use the space saving design and furniture arrangements, to avoid feeling really tight.

Fortunately, space-saving design with furniture and home accessory shops have adjusted their lines to satisfy the new requirements should. If you move to a smaller house, has some ideas to maximize the feel and operation of the site you have. Apart from colors and window treatments with specially designed furniture for small spaces is one of the most effective allies for the design of their plans.

Paint the walls in bright pastel colors creates the illusion of greater space. Levelors, new colors and curtains are also a good choice for window treatments. Dark colors make a room appear smaller. In small rooms, you, let the natural light as possible. The same principles apply to the carpet color. If you have moved into an apartment with dark carpets, rugs consider a lighter color for open space.

When choosing furniture for small spaces, heavy, bulky furniture designs, as a large sofa in the living room quickly devour the space available. If you need to have the couch watching the movie with the convenience and personal taste, to be fair, look for sectional sofas that make good use of space normally lost. Modern furniture, like the Scandinavians and some furniture in the mission tends to have a thinner profile and smaller footprint. A Queen Anne dining table and has more space, but also affects a spacious feeling. The selection of furniture for small spaces running on the issue of scale.

In a dining table drop leaf is a good answer to a small space. These tables can easily create, take a family meal, but when the leaves fall, the table only two meters wide. This is a great solution for single or few, do not entertain often. It only takes a few minutes to take a package and table. When they finished eating and the table opens, leave the paper, wax your bouquet or fruit bowl in position to look clean, spacious and attractive, if not used.
A futon is a great piece of furniture for small spaces. You can open the futon as a convenient footprint small. If you have a guest of the evening in order to develop a comfortable bed.

Many newer homes have open floor plans, with kitchen, dining and living room open to others. With proper design, wrought iron baker’s rack is for use as a space between the kitchen and living room, kitchen and provide space for large appliances such as microwave to table section, cookbooks and units attractive service occupy the shelves. You can hang a wreath on the back of the rack to the baker to decorate with ribbons and dried flowers, depending on the season. The wrought iron posts that light comes through the other housing, again to avoid a separate room, either.

Corner offices and bean bag chairs are some other good furniture for small spaces. Browse the online furniture stores and decorating magazines for ideas. Measure your room and design software home to use the project design before purchasing. It’s really incredible how many beautiful solutions encountered is the small problem of space!