Top Styles Yellow Brick Home Inspirations Ideas25
Top Styles Yellow Brick Home Inspirations Ideas25

37 Top Styles Yellow Brick Home Inspirations Ideas

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Do you recall the wonderment of the “Wizard of Oz?” It’s a fantastic story of Dorothy and her dog, Toto, lost in a bizarre world of little people, witches, flying monkeys and wizards. She is swept away by a large, black, ominous twister and transported to a foreign place. And even though she is completely out of her element and has no idea how to return to that little farm in Kansas, the journey that she experiences helps her to find herself and brings her closer to home. Much like the character, we can easily get sucked up in the turbulent winds of our stressful days and find ourselves off track.

Dorothy’s travels took her to some unfamiliar and frightening territory, but she remained focused and spirited. The “yellow brick road” that she was instructed to follow kept her on track until she reached the Emerald city. And, along the way, she was able to befriend three characters that shared her determination – a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion. Regardless of the fact they had different issues and goals, they each helped one another to move towards their destination.

We each need to find our “yellow brick road”, our path that leads us towards our desires. Whether we wind up on our paths inadvertently, like Dorothy, or we set out a plan to arrive there, it is absolutely necessary to have clear direction. And if we’re able to pick up a few positive friends along the way, our journey is that much more enjoyable.

We may not all arrive at our chosen path by way of a cyclone, but it’s safe to assume that there may be inclement weather along our voyage. It’s during these storms that we especially need guidance and reassurance. A great way to remain focused and to battle the storm is to reinforce our professional and personal workspace with motivational support.

Our emergency survival kits should be stocked with free motivational wallpapers. If we run into a crisis and the stress appears to be unbearable, we can log onto our computers and absorb the motivational desktop backgrounds. They can help to soothe the sting of the immediate problem or situation and gently nudge us onward.

These motivational desktop backgrounds act as the “yellow brick road” for our work area. They keep us on the path towards our goal. We may encounter some impediments on the way to meet the wizard, but we can always refer back to the inspirational words provided by these free downloads to remain steadfast on our path. They are available as a source of enrichment – a fountain of encouragement. Whether you’re searching for a brain, a heart, courage, or you just want to find your way home, a little inspiration can get you started and guide you in the right direction.

With hectic schedules, endless obligations, and increasing demands, we can often feel as if we’re caught in the middle of a violent tornado. We try to outrun it, but inevitably, the unpredictable weather drops down on us and can sometimes wreak havoc. Therefore, we need to gather ourselves, settle down, and take advantage of the resources we have in our environment. And by remaining calm, imaginative, and resourceful we can definitely survive the storm.