Stunning Southern Style Home Decor Ideas17
Stunning Southern Style Home Decor Ideas17

37 Stunning Southern Style Home Decor Ideas

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If you’ve ever visited an old farmhouse, you would be familiar with the beautiful southern style that is lovingly infused into every country home. Southern decorating is sometimes referred to as “country” style. These designs are characterized primarily by comfort and a feeling of home. Southern style decorating is more interested in making people feel at home than gaining their praise for beautiful design. If you want to make your house feel more like home, try these simple southern decorating tips.

First, infuse your home with fabrics. Every country home has soft fabrics everywhere you look. You can use floral patterns, stripes, or even plaid, but you will need a lot of fabric. You can even use a combination of patterns when you decorate with southern style. The hallmark of a country home is a beautifully displayed quilt. Patchwork quilts can tie together the many colors, textures, and fabrics at work within the country home.

Most southern homes are painted with neutral paint colors. Walls are soft shades of beige, but they are often adorned with stamped patterns to create decorative borders. It’s not uncommon to see a room’s wall lined with stamped vines, flowers, or even roosters when you live in the country. Fruit is also a classic choice among southern décor. Most country kitchens are decorated with a fruit theme, particularly apples. Country kitchens often have artificial fruit showcased in gorgeous crystal bowls.

Antiques are usually involved in country décor in several ways. First, many southern homes display beautiful antique furniture. Many of these pieces are family heirlooms, passed down through generations and carefully cared for along the way. Other antiques are from southern antique shops, flea markets, or trade shows. Antique appliances are another hallmark of beautiful southern design. Many southern kitchens display collections of antique mixers on wooden shelves. Old photographs of relatives and ancestors are also mixed into country décor.

Because country design is based on the principles of comfort, rugs are an integral part of every southern design. Southern homes have rugs in every room and even outdoors on the porches. Indoor rugs are usually soft cotton or wool blends, although some southern homes enjoy jute rugs in heavily traveled family rooms. Most old farmhouses have hardwood floors, so rugs act as the perfect accent. Navy blues and burgundies are popular color choices for rugs in country design.

Barn stars and other farming décor are also popular among country designs. If you want to complete your southern style, add touches of farm life all around the house. Small statues or miniatures of farm animals are a great choice. Choose art work that features cows or roosters. Animals are an integral part of southern life and country homes reflect that in many ways. Complete your southern design by avoiding gold or silver accents. Choose wrought iron and rustic metal to bring old world elegance into your home.