Unique Pergola Designs And Diy Options Ideas12
Unique Pergola Designs And Diy Options Ideas12

41 Unique Pergola Designs And Diy Options Ideas

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Whether it is a DIY plan, or a kit you are after, it is important to get the pergola design right, for it to fit seamlessly within your garden.  Let’s take a look at some of the options.

With such a huge range of styles available on the market today, it can be difficult to make the right choice for your garden.  The design you choose will often be influenced by the material from which the structure is made.  These are the main ones –

  • Traditional Wooden – made with tanalised wood
  • Metal / wrought iron
  • Vinyl / pvc
  • Brick pillars with wooden rafters
  • Metal posts with wooden rafters
  • Stone pillars with wooden rafters
  • Bamboo
  • Rustic poles

Think about the style you would prefer, and which will fit in best –

  • Traditional – usually made from square section wooden poles with shaped rafter tail ends.
  • Cottage garden – a romantic pergola, used with an abundance of plants to enhance the structure.
  • Asian inspired – with curved or turreted rafters, to give a feel of the Far East.
  • Classical design – usually used as a stand-alone feature with, for instance, stone pillars.
  • Modern – using clean, sleek lines to give a minimalist feel.

Many of these styles can be found in a variety of materials, although wood is still by far the most popular.  For example, a cottage garden design might be made from rustic poles, intricate wrought iron, or brick pillars – depending on the desired effect.

The size and nature of the garden also has to be given due consideration.  Too big, and it might stick out like a sore thumb.  Too small, and it will be lost and insignificant.

A great deal depends on personal preference.  Get ideas from several different sources – magazines, the internet, gardening books, other gardens – and try to visualise the overall look of your garden.  Match the style and materials to the design of your existing garden, or your new design plan.  A new plan can even be developed around a particularly stunning pergola, setting the feel of the entire area, much as the interior design of a room can be based around a piece of art work.

Have fun doing a bit of research, and then choose a style that will be a joy to look at for many years to come.  Whether you build it yourself, or buy a kit, there will always be a pergola design to suit every garden.