Spectacular Ginger Bread House Ideas For Add Christmas Décor21
Spectacular Ginger Bread House Ideas For Add Christmas Décor21

46 Spectacular Ginger Bread House Ideas For Add Christmas Décor

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I want to share a very fun idea for an activity or craft that you can do with your children this Christmas season. Creating a Gingerbread house is a longstanding tradition for Christmas season. The creation of the Gingerbread houses came from Europe; primarily from Germany, Scandinavia, and other countries.

Gingerbread is a baked sweet bread usually containing ginger and sometimes cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and anise, and sweetened with any combination of brown sugar, molasses, light or dark corn syrup, or honey. It can be made into just about any shape and is also found in Sweden and Norway as thin cookies called Pepperkakor in Norway, or Pepparkakor in Sweden. If you live near an Ikea in the US, you can often find them. The cookies have a distinctive taste and the kids love them.

The easy way to create the craft is to purchase a pre-made gingerbread kit. We purchased a very nice package that contained the gingerbread, frosting, candy, and characters, all for $7.00. You can also make the Gingerbread yourself, and there are several recipes on the internet that explain how to make it.

The hardest part of the process was making the frosting, which was made of powdered sugar, and egg whites. The egg whites needed to be whipped with lemon juice added to it to create a sticky glue like substance. The kids were able to add the ingredients to the bowl and help stir the mixture.

Once the frosting/glue was ready, the next step was to lay out all the pieces and start assembling them. The kids held the pieces in place, and we applied the frosting by squeezing it out of a bag onto and into the seams of the gingerbread. The kids held the pieces in place for a few seconds, then the pieces were tacky enough to hold on their own.

After the basic structure was completed, we added additional frosting/glue to the windows, edges and doorways. This created a more detailed looking home, and also added additional surface area to place candy. We finished the project by placing candy into the frosting, placing characters into the scene, and sprinkling glitter over the entire structure.

The kids had a great time with this project and it took a little over an hour to complete. Since the Gingerbread package we purchased is totally edible, it is even more exciting because the children will be able to munch on it as it gets closer to Christmas time.

Enjoy this traditional craft with your children and family this Christmas season.