Awesome Outdoor Apartment Decor For Christmas Balcony Ideas14
Awesome Outdoor Apartment Decor For Christmas Balcony Ideas14

36 Awesome Outdoor Apartment Decor For Christmas Balcony Ideas

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Christmas would just not be the same without Christmas lights, and they do not have to go just on the tree. An entire holiday theme can be devoted to the use of Christmas lights in all shapes, sizes, and placed in many different locations with different patterns.

Create your own decorations using lights, and make your home the talk of the neighborhood and the winner of the “Best Decorations” award every year. Even if you live in an apartment, you can use lights to decorate your windows and if you have a balcony, you can drape lights across the railings as well as around the balcony door.

For those who have a home, do something with the lights besides just place them along the roof. Make a Christmas tree or sleigh on your roof or in your yard using different colored lights. Create a wreath on the top of your roof or in your yard. Instead of buying a wreath for your door, make one using Christmas lights instead.

One can be very creative with the use of Christmas lights, even to the point of creating giant candy canes with red and white lights. Of course, you have to have the model in order to wrap the lights around it, but for the creative and holiday-spirited person, it certainly is better than going to the holiday store and buying something that has already been put together by someone else.

Holiday time if full of joy and happiness for most people, so use your lights to transfer that to the world for a few months. Using a combination of different kinds of lights will set off your home in all its holiday glory – big bulbs, small bulbs, twinkle lights, web lights, chasers, and even tiny white lights all mixed together will create a beauty that is beyond comparison. Scatter the colors rather than using just one color in order to set your home apart from the others.