Pretty Christmas Clear Glass Ornament Ideas07
Pretty Christmas Clear Glass Ornament Ideas07

40 Pretty Christmas Clear Glass Ornament Ideas

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I was looking for a new ornament to make when I came across these unique painted glass ornaments each one with a unique and colorful design.

At first glance these hand made ornaments looked very difficult to make but after I learned how to make them I realized that they are actually quite simple, you can even have your kids make them. Just follow these easy steps and you can have a hand painted glass ornament of your own.

Find clean and clear spot preferably at a table to work at, also you might want to put some news papers down so no paint gets on the table or floor. Take a clear glass ornament and pull off the top then wash and dry the inside and outside of the ornament thoroughly.

Once the ornament is dry select two to four different colors of acrylic paint. Take your first paint color and squeeze one drop no larger then a dime into the ornament allowing it to run down the side. With the same color add three more lines of paint leaving spaces in between for the next color.

Make sure each line of paint goes from the top of the ornament to the bottom center of the ornament. Now add the next color in between the first color. Just continue this process with the rest of the colors until the ornament is completely cover up. Make sure you are rotating the ornament to help the paint to drip down and to cover up all of the ornament.

Allow a day or two for the paint to dry and drain out any extra paint. When the ornament is completely dry put the top on and tie a decorative ribbon through the top. You can even make a little bow at the top. Now your lovely hand painted glass ornament is ready to be hung on your Christmas tree.

For different effects you can use more or less colors making it one solid color or a rainbow of colors. Also you can add a little charm to your painted glass ornament to give it a more finished look.

These ornaments are so easy to make that you can create several of them in just an hour not including drying time of course. The best part of these ornaments is they don’t look like a home made craft.

What you need to get started on making your painted glass ornament:

– 1 pack of three inch glass ornaments
– two to four different colors of acrylic paints
– Decorative ribbon