Creative Diy Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas20
Creative Diy Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas20

37 Creative Diy Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

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Are you considering using outdoor Christmas lights this holiday season? If so, you are definitely not alone. Many people in neighborhoods, and rural areas decorate their lawns and outside of their homes with lights and decorations.

This article covers selecting a theme and decorations, as well as lighting choices for your outdoor holiday decorating. When you read through to the end of this article, you will discover how to get additional information on other unique Christmas decoration ideas including animated Christmas decorations.

Theme and Decoration Ideas

When decorating the outside of your home you may want to consider a theme that you will follow. This may be complimentary to your indoor decorating or something different such as a large animated Santa sleigh for your roof, or a family of deer for your yard.

Several themes are available when decorating the outside of your house for the holidays including Nativity, Winter Wonderland, or Santa’s Elf shop.

When choosing the Nativity based theme include Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in a stable, shepherds, a star, angels, kings, and animals.

Snowflakes and an abundance of either white or blue lights, or possibly a combination of both, will compliment your Winter Wonderland theme. Snowflakes come in various sizes and can be illuminated with twinkling lights and will add sparkle to your yard.

An animated Santa, elves, a sleigh and candy canes with mult-color lights will add to the holiday spirit of a Santa’s Elf Shop theme. Large wrapped presents, a doll, and a nutcracker are additional yard art items that compliment this theme.


Additionally when decorating outside you can choose to use outdoor decorative lights. These lights look nice along the roof line of your home and many homeowners find the icicle lights to be their favorite. Outdoor lights are available in the clear mini lights in white, cool blue, or multi-color or energy-saving LED lights in white, blue, red, and green.

Using string lighting on trees and bushes or to outline a front entrance is a wonderful way to decorate for the Christmas holiday. Placing non flammable lanterns along a walk way and decorating with pre-lit garland also add decorative holiday appeal to the outside of your home.