Pretty Bedroom Candle Holder Ideas34
Pretty Bedroom Candle Holder Ideas34

42 Pretty Bedroom Candle Holder Ideas

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I’ve been thinking about the placement of wall candle holders for some time now. There are so many applications for these beautiful candle holding wall sconces.

With the addition of these wall candles, to places on your walls that already have some form of art or decoration, you can enhance the beauty of each and every room in your home or office. So join me in exploring all the possible applications these wall candles have in order to turn ordinary rooms into magnificent surroundings.

I will start out by asking you if you have any wall mirrors in your home other than in your bathroom? By placing a wall candle holder on each side of your wall mirror, you add a classic touch of beauty that was not there before.

If you have some walls in your home that are small, you can add one or two wall candle holders to these depending on the size of the wall sconce you wish to use.

An example of this is the small section of wall I have between my living room and dining room. On this wall I have applied 2 medium size wrought iron candle holders that are each capable of holding one pillar candle 3 inches in diameter. I have the candle holder on the left about 5 inches higher on the wall than the candle holder on the right. This adds an artful appearance to a wall that would normally be left empty.

I have a fireplace in my living room. My fireplace is built into the wall. Above the fireplace is a mantle. Above the mantle is a normal painted wall. On the wall above the fireplace is a framed art print.

I chose to put up a wall candle holder on each side of this framed art print. If you choose to put up wall candle holders along the sides of framed art, be sure to match both the theme of the artwork and the style of the frame. If you do this you will be most pleased with the results.

We all know that wall candle holders go quite well in hallways. Did you know that if you have a second floor stairway with a wall on one or both sides of the stairway, these wall sconces, in the proper style or theme of your home décor, are to die for! Talk about beautiful…

Now let me talk about candle holder wall sconces and bedroom décor. One of the most beautiful bedroom decorations I ever put my eyes across was at the home of one of my friends.

In the master bedroom was dark oak bedroom furniture. The headboard of the bed (King size) was also beautifully carved dark oak. The headboard was up against the middle of the wall on one side of the room. Above the headboard was a beautiful contemporary tapestry (about 5′ tall by 7′ long) hanging on the wall.

On each side of the tapestry was a wall sconce candle holder. These wall candle holders had to be 24 inches tall, made out of brushed pewter. The pewter candle holders matched the rod that held the tapestry on the wall. I’m telling you this looked stunning!

When it comes to tapestries, no matter what the size, if there is room for a wall candle holder on each side, then put them there. It just adds a touch of magic to the room décor.

From wall mirrors to small walls, from framed art to hallways, from stairways to tapestries and by now I’m sure you have some ideas of your own, you can’t go wrong by adding some of these flickering works of art. All you have to do now is explore the possibilities…