Cozy Valentine Lights Decoration Ideas38
Cozy Valentine Lights Decoration Ideas38

48 Cozy Valentine Lights Decoration Ideas

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When we speak of ‘romantic’ fixtures and home decor items in interior design, we are not speaking of red and pink hearts, but rather of the lines, shapes and details of the pieces.

Romantic home decor is not an explosion of Valentine’s Day, it’s an actual style that encompasses a number of factors. Including light fixtures into this style can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of where to start. Here are a few tips and tricks for finding the right romantic fixtures and decorative lighting pieces.

Simple Floral Shapes

When looking for romantic lights, you can’t go wrong with pieces that are floral-inspired. Natural, botanical accents can really give a light the appearance of a romantic piece. Look for fixtures that incorporate simple vine detailing or feature other botanical accents, such as leafs or simple blooms, as these tend to feel the most romantic.


Certain fixtures just exude a feeling of romance, no matter what style they are. Chandeliers are one of the few (very few) lights that does exactly that. Adding a chandelier into a space can help make it feel extremely romantic, even if the chandelier itself is clean and modern in appearance.

However, if you’re really looking for a romantic piece, take note of the shape. More traditional shaped chandeliers, especially those with multiple arms and candelabra style lights, tend to be the most romantic in appeal.

Another light that often has a romantic notion to it: the wall sconce.


Certain finishes pair well with romantic styled decor. Bronze finishes are a great example, as they are natural in color and give off a warm feeling. Look for light fixtures with bronze finishes that are aged or feature gold accenting, as these tend to give off the most romantic look in terms of style.

Add a Ceiling Medallion

When it comes to lights, few people look past the actual light fixture itself. These items were traditionally made from marble, plaster or iron but today you can find inexpensive versions made from plastic that look just as real as the others.

Typically, ceiling medallions feature details from different architectural styles that we tend to feel are romantic in nature. This includes heavy Greek influences, Roman influences, Baroque, Victorian and other Renaissance influences.

Plus, a ceiling medallion does not necessarily need to match the light fixture. This makes it significantly easier to incorporate ceiling medallions into your space with little fuss.

Avoid Certain Light Fixtures

There are certain fixtures that no matter how perfectly they are styled or what details they feature, simply do not feel ‘romantic.’ This includes light fixtures such as the pendant light, which is relatively modern. Avoid any light fixture that you feel looks or feels too modern for the space, such as recessed lights or track lights.