Best Wreath And Garland Ideas For Valentines Day34
Best Wreath And Garland Ideas For Valentines Day34

37 Best Wreath And Garland Ideas For Valentines Day

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Valentine Wreaths and Garlands are probably the most welcoming pieces of Valentine decorations. Nothing reminds us of the fast approaching Valentine day as the sudden appearance of a Valentine wreath on a front door.

Ready-made garlands and wreaths are widely available at your local supermarket or dollar store, and can be easily customized if you want to create a more personal statement.

Consider the size and color of the wreath when selecting it for your front door. A too small wreath would look cute but unnatural, while an over-sized wreath would look ridiculous, no matter how beautiful it is. The color of the wreath should either complement the door color or provide a strong contrast to it.

Once you have decided on the color and the size of the wreath, it is time to look in your garden for additional decorative elements. Or, you can also check the city gardens for ivy and evergreen shrubs with attractive foliage.

Extend your search to a nearby woodland, if you live in the country. Branches of skimmia, bay or holly will all add structure and bulk to your garlands and wreaths. Don’t forget about the leaves with unusual form and color.

Berries are also an important part of Valentine wreaths and garlands, and many garden shrubs offer plenty of them in yellow, orange or red colors.

Among the most popular berry shrubs used for Valentine decorations are plump white snowberries, surreal-looking purple beautyberries and particularly festive mistletoes. If you want to make your wreath look magical use pale, feathery flower heads from miscanthus and pampas grasses.

You should not worry if you don’t have your own garden, all these beautiful plants should be available at your local florist. Plus, you can always find other flowers that will help you transform your Valentine wreaths and garlands into something out of the ordinary. Roses in contrast colors with dark foliage would look particularly luxurious and festive.

If you are tired of the traditional wreath, you can opt for wreaths made from bare, twisted twigs that would look rather sculptural and suitably wintry and would be a welcome change from the usual greenery.

Wreaths should not be limited to the front door alone. Little wreaths shaped in hearts and circles look beautiful hung from the back of chairs, while larger wreaths hung at the top of mirrors can make elegant and dramatic focal points.