43 Cozy Master Bedroom Inspirations On A Budget

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Your master bedroom is your oasis, your haven for relaxing after a hard day and enjoying some private time. Frequently, people on limited budgets skip the frills in their own bedrooms in order to fix up the more public rooms in the house or bedrooms for their children.

They convince themselves that it doesn’t matter what their rooms look like; however, it really does matter. If you walk into a room and it looks appealing and special, you’re going to want to spend more time there. A plain, rumpled room won’t attract your interest nearly as much, and aren’t going to want to spend much time there.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious master bedroom, be sure to make use of the extra space. Don’t just plop a bed along one wall and call it good. You want to add amenities that will make your room welcome you into its comfort. It doesn’t matter if you have thrift shop furniture as long as you use it well.

Add subtle, restful colors, play up special architectural features, such as beautiful windows or a fireplace, replace out-dated carpets, and add window treatments, and you’ll be astounded at how different your room will both look and feel.

Many women make the mistake when decorating their master bedroom of catering to their own feminine tastes. Always remember that if you’re married, your husband lives there, too, and you’ll want to strike a happy medium that will make you both feel comfortable.

It’s a rare husband who is going to feel at home surrounded by flowery materials and ruffles, so design with him in mind. Not that everything has to be masculine and leather, but the use of plain lines and neutral colors will create a retreat you can both feel good about.

In designing your master bedroom environment, you’ll want to create special use areas and equip them accordingly. For instance, in the sleeping portion of the room you’ll want to use soft lights to suggest the illusion of candlelight and romance.

In dressing areas, however, you’re going to want stronger light sources in order to be able to match clothing colors, such as your socks to your slacks. You can be practical without disturbing the ambiance you’re working to achieve.