Comfy Summer Container Garden Decoration Ideas37
Comfy Summer Container Garden Decoration Ideas37

38 Comfy Summer Container Garden Decoration Ideas

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With the rest of the garden blooming with colour and life, why not transfer a little of that colour to patios and walls by filling pots and other containers with a display of summer bedding plants. There is a huge variety of plants to choose from. Whether its colour or scent you are after, here are a few ideas for creating a decorative summer container display.

Choosing the right container

While your choice of container is very much a personal one, there are a few general guidelines you might like to consider. Firstly, think about the size of the container. Consider the space where you want to place it and make sure it is neither too small to be insignificant, nor too large to make it out of proportion. With smaller pots, it is always better to position them in groups for a more dramatic effect.

Next think about materials and colour. Terracotta and stone are traditional materials that never fail to look stunning in a cottage garden or the garden of an older property. If you do decide to use containers in these materials, do bear in mind that they heat up quickly in the sun and also absorb moisture, so extra care with watering displays grown in terracotta or stone is needed.

There are a vast array of container styles made in fibre glass or fibre clay these days, from replicas of traditional urns and planters to more modern shapes. These planters have the advantage of being light to carry as well as looking authentic. If you want something a little more quirky, why not try planting displays in old ceramic sinks or the tops of old chimney pots.

Choosing plants and creating a display

There is such a variety of different summer bedding plants that choice really comes down to colour and scent. Geraniums are always a must for fragrance. Try and find some scented varieties like Attar of Roses, Creamy Nutmeg, or Rober’s Lemon Rose. Colour in a summer display is again a personal choice, but I always think a display looks best if you stick to one colour and use a variety of plants that represent different shades of that colour.

When creating your display you want a planting scheme that produces the maximum impact. Choose a plant with some height for the centre of the container. This will give the finished display some structure. Also, it is a good idea to plant trailing plants around the edge of your pot to soften the overall look of the display.

Finally, you will need to infill the rest of the container with bushy plants to fill it out. It is also a good idea to mix in a few foliage plants such as ivy, helichrysum or lamium as this will provide a contrast to the colour in your display. Finally, take care when placing garden planters filled with your displays. Make sure they are positioned for maximum impact that picks out areas in the rest of the garden or compliments other features like walls or trees.