Creative Wall Mirrors Ideas Dor Outdoor Garden04
Creative Wall Mirrors Ideas Dor Outdoor Garden04

49 Creative Wall Mirrors Ideas Dor Outdoor Garden

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When considering art for your outdoor wall spaces, garden wall mirrors have lots to offer. Firstly, it is important to purchase an outdoor garden mirror as simply putting the old mirror from the back of the garage onto your garden wall will almost certainly be only be a temporary solution, particularly if the mirror has the old type of silvering on the back.

Older mirrors were very expensive, certainly not designed to be weather-resistant and cannot even cope in the wet and steamy conditions a modern bathroom presents. Modern outdoor mirrors are designed to withstand all the inclement weather the seasons bring and should give you many years of satisfaction.

The size and space of your garden or patio wall area will impact the garden decorations you choose; and the size, type and reflective medium for the garden mirror needs careful considering when contemplating illusion and artifice.

It is important to get the right mirror for your outside space and safety has to be a primary consideration when making your selection. Glass is not the only option and acrylic mirror sheets which are also available in various colors may be the solution you require. Also investigate polished stainless steel mirrors.

Illusion mirrors really can look amazing and really add exciting elements to your wall repertoire. Consider whether your garden wall could cope with the optical illusion of an open door, suggesting that if you walk through, you will be in another world.

Simply by the suggestion of altered horizons, your perception of the proportions available will be confused and your boundaries visually extended.

An open window is another illusion that can really impact a flat boring wall and transform your garden or patio area. With so many available, there will be one to suit your taste and style. Hanging plants or evergreen foliage such as trailing ivy placed on either side will add to the effect.

You could also make an illusion window part of the area the children play in and help them to create the play house of their dreams.

Boundary walls are great for illusion doors or windows, and even a small city yard or balcony can often cope with the suggestion of a secret opening into another world if carefully and thoughtfully placed. You may not have a vast sprawling haven but you can at least create that lush illusion to surprise and astound your guests.