Cool Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas15
Cool Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas15

37 Cool Low Maintenance Garden Design Ideas

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Planning and planting a beautiful garden that stays beautiful year after year with a minimum of effort doesn’t have to be hard, and doesn’t require a professional as long as you think about a few things.

1. The climate where you live

The easiest way to create a garden that stay beautiful year after year is to use perennial plants. Perennial plants are plants that can survive the winter where you live and that return each year bigger and more beautiful than the year before. You do however have to know which plant zone you live in to be able to choose plants that are able to survive the winters and the climate where you live. A plant that can survive the winter in Florida might of course not survive in New York, since the winters are much harsher in the New York area than they are in Florida. You can find out your plant zone online or at your local garden store.

2. The type of garden you want

Knowing which type of garden you want is essential if you want to plan a low maintenance garden. It enables you to build towards your ultimate goal with your garden right from the start and make choosing plants much easier. You might not want the same plants in a fruit garden that you want in a Japanese style garden. You might also want your entire garden in a certain color and the earlier you take decisions like these the better the result will be.

3. Choosing the right plants

If you want a low maintenance garden you should make sure to plant low maintenance plants in it. Perennials are as earlier mentioned good as they return year after year but there are perennials that require more and there are perennials that require less maintenance. By choosing perennials that doesn’t require fertilizing, pruning or other time consuming care you can minimize the maintenance your garden need and by choosing drought resistant plants you can reduce the work needed even more. You should however always remember to choose plants for beauty and not only for their hardiness. You want to create a low maintenance garden but this doesn’t mean that the garden you create shouldn’t be a spectacular stunning garden.

4. Planting the plants

When you have decided which type of garden you want and which plants you want it’s time to plant those plants and there are a few things to think about if you want a low maintenance garden. The first thing you should think about is the height of the plants you are going to plants. Always make sure to plant the highest plants behind the lower plants. This way all plants gets light and you won’t have to prune plants that have grown to big for its neighbours. It also good to plant plants that require a lot of water together as you this way only have to water this smaller area as opposed to the entire garden. It is a good idea to make sure to plant everything in high quality soil, this will not only give the plants the best possible start but will also mean that you won’t have to add fertilizer anytime soon. Make sure to water the plants excessively once planted to give them a good start.

When the plants are planted you can sit back and look forward to a low maintenance garden that only gets more and more beautiful as time progress.