Unusual Easter Centerpieces Table Decor Ideas39
Unusual Easter Centerpieces Table Decor Ideas39

50 Unusual Easter Centerpieces Table Decor Ideas

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Try your hand at a quick and colorful Easter centerpiece decoration for your table setting. Like most of us, we probably have at least two, maybe three glass vases that could easily be turned in to something really beautiful and unique without breaking the bank.

For this Easter craft project you will need the following supplies:

  • Glass vase; We chose to use a tall clear one, with no design on it.
  • Easter paper grass; We chose bright green, but any coordinating Easter color also works.
  • 1 large Easter egg; We chose a pink ceramic egg
  • 5 medium Easter eggs; We chose artificial eggs in pink, blue & crème in a multi colored spotted finish.
  • 3 small Easter eggs; We chose artificial white eggs
  • 1 decorative craft bird; We chose one in pink, blue and yellow to complement the colors of the eggs.
  • Double sided sticker square

Step 1 – Begin by creating egg shaped forms of the Easter paper grass in your hand.  For this project we made six, but it will vary depending on the width and height of your vase.  Next, take your Easter paper grass forms that you have made and drop them in to the vase one at a time.  This will build height to your project; at least one quarter of the vase should now be full.

Step 2 – Begin layering your artificial eggs, medium then small.  Repeat the process.

Step 3 – Place your large ceramic egg on top of the artificial eggs.  At this point your vase should be half full. You are now ready to do your final step.

Step 4 – Take your double sided sticker square and apply it to the bottom of your decorative craft bird and press firmly.  Next, carefully place your craft bird in to the vase, resting it side ways on to the large ceramic egg with the feathers facing down (for photos see below).  When you have completed your project, at least one eighth of the glass vase should be empty at the top of your vase.

You now have a beautiful custom and unique Easter decoration for your table top that your guests are sure to ooh and ah at.  Another idea would be to pair your vase with another one facing the other end of your table setting.  If you choose to add a second vase, just remember to double your supplies listed above.