Vintage Apartment Living Room Design Ideas For Valentines Day43
Vintage Apartment Living Room Design Ideas For Valentines Day43

46 Vintage Apartment Living Room Design Ideas For Valentines Day

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We all want a home we can be proud of. Be it a tiny little spot on the earth or a grand, sprawling estate, home is always where the heart is, as they say. It is where we normally start and end each of our days, and it is often witness to many special moments that happen to us in our lives – birthday celebrations, family bonding moments, a home-made candlelit dinner on Valentine’s day, and many others. All of these are the reasons why it will always matter to us how our homes look.

Most of us wish we had the time or the resources to renovate this place from time to time, so it remains appealing, not only to us but to our guests as well. If you are actually planning to renovate your home, but are unsure how to even start, the following tips should be helpful:


Sometimes, furniture can look fantastic on a virtual or physical showroom and turn out awkward in your home. And the most common culprit for this is inappropriate size. There are pieces of furniture meant for wide-extending rooms while there are those that are just perfect for small, cozy ones. In other words, size is be a consideration that works so much more than having you make sure the furniture fits through your door. A small living room, for example, could look downright ridiculous with a grand Italian living room set. In fact, the problem can be more than aesthetics. When you have a small room with oversized furniture, you’ll have a problem moving around in your own home – not a very comfortable idea.


Whether we like it or not, the colors we choose for our walls and furniture will affect the total appeal of our home. It doesn’t matter what specific room we’re talking about. Fact is, a good color combination almost always does the the trick while a bad one can actually ruin the whole point of renovation or redecoration, no matter how expensive each piece of furniture is. If you’re one of those people who just can’t pick the right color combinations unless they see them on an actual interior design, don’t panic. With the countless resources for home design these days, this is rarely a problem. Check out an interior design magazine online or offline and pick out a design with a color combination you like. Then, you can mimic that same effect by choosing the same colors for your own home.


If colors set the general feel around your home, texture deepens that feel so you tend to be involved more deeply into your design. Texture adds character to a room and allows one to actually feel the “rhythm” of the design and not just appreciate it through one’s eyes. Texture can be created in many ways and, again, it is best to check out home interior design magazines, whether online or offline, for some great ideas on how to add nice texture to your home.


If you are fascinated by the thought of having your interior design follow a theme, then go ahead and follow one. But make sure you do it through and through. For example, if you’ve decided to have a Victorian theme in your living room, do not incorporate any of those modern, minimalist-inspired furniture into your design because this can create a contrast that may be very hard to manage, unless you are an expert designer. If you must go Victorian, make sure the whole room is pulled together by your chosen theme and doesn’t come apart with out-of-place pieces.