Cool Wood Door Stained Ideas For Pretty Farmhouse41
Cool Wood Door Stained Ideas For Pretty Farmhouse41

41 Cool Wood Door Stained Ideas For Pretty Farmhouse

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Canada’s incredible access to high-quality lumber means that you have a huge selection when it comes to installing new doors in your home. This article will look at many different popular wood doors, and focus on their various characteristics and advantages. We’ll also mention a few less common wood types for those who want something different or exotic. Ultimately, this article will help you choose the best wood to use for your custom wood doors.

Cherry: A distinct choice that stands out from the ordinary, cherry wood offers a fantastic range of different colours, from a light brown to a darker rich red. Another big attraction of cherry is the detailed, wavy and consistent grain patterns. This makes it a great choice for a light stain, which allows the wood’s grain to shine through – which is very popular for interior custom wood doors at the moment, since it goes perfectly with prominent wooden furniture.

Alder: A great choice for doors with heavy stains or finishes, alder is a comparatively soft hardwood. Frequently a knotty wood with a light red tone, it’s a good choice for the contemporary-rustic approach that is currently popular. Custom wood doors made from alder will last for decades!

Mahogany: Perhaps the most famous of the luxurious hardwoods, mahogany is famous for its straight and tight grains, its distinct reddish colour, and the luxuriously soft finishes it yields. Indeed, mahogany can yield some of the most impressive doors available, and it’s a fantastic conversation piece. The wood lends itself to quality craftsmanship, and a well maintained piece of mahogany furniture can last a lifetime.

Spanish Cedar: One of the most popular kinds of wood among craftsmen is Spanish cedar, which is a much sought-after softwood due to its natural durability. The grain patterns vary widely, and the wood usually features a golden-red hue. Similar to mahogany, Spanish cedar excels as a material for exterior doors due to its natural rot and water resistance. This makes it popular choice for custom wood doors in cities where heavy rainfall is common.

Oak: Oak is one of the hardest and densest woods commonly used for household doors. Oak tends to have wavy and open grain patterns. Stains are very popular with oak doors, as they allow the wood to look its best. Oak is an incredibly durable material, and it’s notable for being resistant to shocks or damage. With appropriate levels of craftsmanship and woodworking, items made from oak can be passed through generations. In museums, it’s common to see items made from oak that look as good today as they did when crafted centuries ago.

Walnut: One of the most beautiful hardwoods available, walnut offers exceptional contrasts between exceptionally light wood tones and the rich, dark, almost black shades that the heartwood can reach. Grains typically express themselves as playful streaks of colour throughout the wood. Walnut offers one of the more interesting finishes, and can be a great exotic touch for your home.

Custom Wood Doors Look Great in Any Home
There really is something for everyone thanks to the huge variety of options for different kinds of wood. No matter if you want a home that looks rustic or modern, warm or sleek, modern or traditional, there’s a type of wood that will look great in your home.

What’s more, regardless of what you choose, many homes frequently feature exposed wood trims, cabinetry, or other elements that make the natural wood tones a popular choice, and rest assured that any kind of wood can be painted or treated to suit your unique décor.