Modern Paint Colors Ideas For Kitchen27
Modern Paint Colors Ideas For Kitchen27

43 Modern Paint Colors Ideas For Kitchen

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Kitchen is perhaps the only room in the house that desires for most attention. We daily cook and eat our food there so it is surrounded by buzz of activity day in and day out. As a result the paint of the kitchen wears off quite quickly compared to other areas of your house. Repainting the kitchen is a good way to keep the atmosphere of the kitchen new and clean. While choosing paint colors for kitchen special attention should be given to the final display it will bring to your room. Many things should be kept in mind like the colors of kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops and also the doors and windows of the kitchen.

Kitchen paint colors ideas can be applied in many diverse ways but before that you should also know about color psychology. Colors play with our mood directly and some types of colors also play with our appetite. Study found that some types of colors are responsible for stimulating the appetite while there are some colors that suppress our appetite. Colors like orange, yellow, red etc are categorized under stimulator while colors like violet, indigo, blue are categorized as suppressants colors. Green is known as neutral color and is also environmental friendly. The color also reflects back light so gives the kitchen lot of light which it requires.

The most important factor that should determine the paint color for kitchen is the size of your kitchen. Avoid choosing dark color for small kitchen as it will absorb lots of light making it look even more smaller. For large size kitchen you can experiment with different types of colors. You can apply combination of colors for different walls. As for example, you can paint the cabinets and other accessories in neutral shades, the rear side of the wall in some dark color like red, blue, indigo etc and the rest three sides with another neutral color. For kitchen that has wooden cabinets, golden tinge colors looks quite well.